Winter Gardening Tips

Soil tips: 

Keep your soil covered with plants or compost. Grow cover crops (lava beans, alfalfa) – they heal and enrich the soil.

If you use only kitchen scraps in your compost pile, you create a bacterial compost which weeds and Bermuda grass love. Add straw and paper to make fungus predominant compost. This is good for most plants.


Plant cool season vegetables such as:

beets                                                            leeks

broccoli                                                         lettuce

Brussel sprouts                                             mustard

cabbage                                                       onions

carrots                                                          peas

cauliflower                                                    radicchio

celery                                                           radishes

fava beans                                                   spinach

kale                                                              Swiss chard

For a more detailed winter planting guide go to Master Gardener planting guide.